7 questions for Actega Label Division

1. What does the ACTEGA Label Business Line (in a nutshell)?

ACTEGA is a global specialist for labels and flexible packaging solutions, with production and technical service experts across the world. ACTEGA develops, produces and distributes a wealth of products, including coatings, inks and adhesives for labels and flexible packaging.

2. How many inks, coatings and adhesives do you have available for customers?

The labels product portfolio includes solutions for self-adhesive labels, shrink sleeves, wet glue, wrap around and in mold labels, and addresses different market segments, from food and beverage to cosmetics, pharma, household and industrial applications. As well as offering functional benefits, the company’s products also deliver high-value, aesthetic finishes, enabling converters to offer labels with an outstanding, high-quality appearance. In addition, ACTEGA’s portfolio includes specialty products that provide visual and haptic effects to further enhance the appearance of labels.

Among the company’s core products are ACTEGA’s wide range of UV, LED, water-based and solvent coatings and adhesives with a good combination of standard and specialties, as well as tailor-made products for specific applications.
With production facilities in Europe, the Americas and China, the company ensures that the full portfolio is available worldwide.

3. What has been a recent success story? (In case there is one)

We recently presented our new range of shrink sleeve coatings and we received many inquiries for samples from printers interested to test our products. One of our customers was so excited about the results that he got with the external coating on the shrink sleeves, that he entered a competition and received an award for best shrink sleeve.

4. Why do you say that ACTEGA can print shrink sleeves with the highest quality?

Our coating and ink systems work on all common substrates including PET, OPS and PVC. We have coatings that provide functional, visual and haptic effects for one-sided or two-sided finishing.

ACTEGA also offers technical solutions to resolve common issues such as slide angle, static, scratch, or adhesion in the manufacturing or bottling process, along with solutions to minimize wet T shirt effects.

5. What are the sectors of application?

ACTEGA’s extensive range of products for the label and flexible packaging industries enables us to address different needs in the food and beverage, cosmetics, perfumery, hygiene and pharmaceutical markets.

6. What labels would you recommend a company in the perfumery, cosmetics, hygiene and pharmacy sector?

There is no one answer as it depends a lot on the packaging capabilities and type of products.

7. Why should these companies start working with you?

ACTEGA supports customers proactively in their innovation power with tailor made product solutions from a broad portfolio of tried and tested solutions. ACTEGA reacts flexibly to customer requirements and provides technically advanced product solutions. The company’s global presence provides synergies to take advantage of worldwide technical application experts and research and development.

ACTEGA is focused on regulatory compliance, ensuring customers in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries in particular are supported with safe solutions and technical expertise.

ACTEGA has a strong commitment to sustainability with a focus on product solutions that have themselves been sustainably formulated or enable the production of more sustainable end products. ACTEGA constantly invests in R&D and takes a holistic approach to achieving a sustainable future, looking at all aspects of what it means to offer a sustainable solution. This results in the extensive range of products you see today, and those in development for tomorrow, that put consumer safety, environmental health and packaging recyclability at the forefront, without compromising the product quality ACTEGA is known for.

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