AGRIPLUS: The new generation of Big Boxes by Schoeller Allibert

AGRIPLUS: The new generation of Big Boxes by Schoeller Allibert

Strong, light and versatile, the new Agriplus® big box delivers savings throughout the fresh produce supply chain. A game-changer, Agriplus® meets the needs of fruit and vegetable market from harvesting field to retail store. With its versatile wide range, all ideal for automated handling and electronic tracking & tracing, Schoeller Allibert is introducing the new generation of big boxes.

Commenting on the product launch, Ludo Gielen, Schoeller Allibert’s CEO stated : “With Agriplus®, we have decided to take the challenges of the 21st century: maintaining profitability on the fresh produce market while offering a range of reusable and recyclable big boxes with increased performance”. 

More profitability

Thanks to the reduction of its internal angles, the unloading is sped up, efficiency at tipping is maximised. Compared to previous models, the Agriplus® is lighter and stronger with a redesigned top rim for extra rigidity. From 33 to 40kg – depending on the model – the Agriplus® range is lighter than the competition reducing your overall fuel coast and carbon footprint. 

More care for the fresh produce

With a constant focus on the transported product, Agriplus® is designed to preserve quality. The pyramidal shaped base and curved walls design reduces shocks and promotes a balanced distribution of the produce, limiting bruises from field to store. Small and fragile fruits won’t be trapped in during tipping, causing no loss. The airflow is optimised through the walls and the base. It can be further enhanced by the use of a ventilation column for moisture sensitive produce like garlic and onions. The sloped surfaces shed water and speed up both sorting and washing process while providing extra savings. 

More performance

Agriplus® is strong and safe to carry loads of up to 500kg, while stacking up to 10 units high. While its 670L capacity maximises vehicle fill, Agriplus® has ventilated base and walls ideal to promote airflow for faster chilling. Chamfered base prevents shocks and wearing when handled by forklift trucks or on metal chain conveyors. 

Customization and tracking

Agriplus® allows enhancing brand awareness, securing the fleet and increasing logistics efficiency. Schoeller Allibert’s newest big box features optional label holders on sides, recessed areas for self-adhesive labels and logo engraving. Agriplus® also includes large printing zones on all sides for labelling and to speed up automated and manual handling operations. 

More sustainability

Chamfered fork entries minimize handling shocks and damages, while reinforced base rim withstand harsh handling, increasing lifespan and durability. Lightweight, with only 33 kg for the 4 feet model it lowers fuel consumption. Agriplus® is reusable and sustainable: with a minimized number of parts that can all be easily replaced, maintenance costs are reduced and life span increased. After its long service life, Agriplus® can be fully recycled further lowering its carbon footprint. 

Versatile wide range

On a versatile market, Agriplus® comes in a versatile wide range : 4 feet, 2 skids and 3 skids variants are available with both solid and ventilated sides and walls. The models fully adapt to various industry needs form the fruit and vegetables to the industrial manufacturing sectors.

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