New Schedule & Venue! Win the long-accumulated businesses in 2022 from All in Print China Nanjing Tour Show

In Special 2022, the 9th All in Print China has postponed to October 2023 in Shanghai. In addition, All in Print China Nanjing Tour Show will be held from 7th to 9th December 2022, at Nanjing International Expo Center for meeting the eagerness of enterprises for technology display, product release, and trade matchmaking.

Nanjing Tour Show is organized by the strong teams of All in Print with powerful resources, which fully replicates the advantages and strengths of it as the flagship exhibition in China and Asia, drives printing industry to explore more business opportunities in the new trend of development in China.

To fully assist exhibitors develop business in lower cost and overcome the special period together,  a maximum 20% discount for participating in Nanjing Tour Show and up to 50% discount for exhibitors of All in Print 2023 who join in Nanjing Tour Show.

1. Why Nanjing China ? 

Nanjing is at the core of East China, which is an important gateway city for the development of the central and western regions driven by the Yangtze River Delta and an important node city for the strategic intersection of the eastern coastal economic belt and the Yangtze River Economic Belt.

As highly developed region and open area in China, East China is one of the most centralized printing industry clusters with the strongest strength and efficiency. 57 based in East China of top national 100 printing enterprises in 2021 have become the main force driving the development and a demonstrator improving transformation and upgrading in printing industry.

According to the visitors data of All in Print, the proportion of visitors in East China reached about 73% of the total, which proves the vitality and attention of the printing industry in East China.

2. How about the traffic of exhibition hall ?

Covering a planning area of 54 hectares, Nanjing International Expo Center (NIEC) has nine grand exhibition halls, with an indoor exhibition area of 110,000 square meters and an outdoor exhibition area of 30,000 square meters.

NIEC can be easily accessible by metro, bus and LRT. It takes 40 minutes by car from NIEC to Nanjing Lukou International Airport, and 15 minutes to Nanjing South Railway Station. In close proximity to G2501 Nanjing Ring Expressway, Yingtiandajie Yangtze River Tunnel, Dashengguan Yangtze River Bridge, NIEC is much convenient for visitors to get anywhere across China and then to the world.

3. What’s the scale and floor plan ?

Nanjing Tour Show is oriented a selected exhibition, covering 4 hot categories themes and a featured zone, dedicated to providing a platform for exhibitors with a comprehensive display of products, technology solutions and branding promotion.

1. Pre-press and Digitalization Theme

Display innovative pre-press, digital solutions, color management and digitalization of equipment.

2. Digital Printing Theme

Showcase digital printing and the latest technology trends, and applications of touch digital-printing technology.

3. Comprehensive Printing & Innovative Materials Theme

Exhibit comprehensive solutions for printing and related processing, and printing innovative materials including environmental-friendly paper, plates, and ink.

4. Post-press Packaging Theme

Discover the latest premium packaging, functional packaging, and smart packaging technologies in China and around the world, as well as leading technologies such as die-cutting, lamination, paper cutting, box gluing, bronzing, etc.

Featured Zone: Display innovative technologies, scientific research achievements, application cases, etc.

4. Integrated resources help exhibitors reach success

1. Powered by All in Print China, sharing the channels and all media resources

All in Print China Nanjing Tour Show embraces the global channels and buyers data powered by «All in Print China» to achieve more potential trade opportunities. All-around promotions of the exhibition, as well as exhibitors information will be on multiple channels including WeChat, Weibo, WeChat Videos, Douyin, Toutiao, Print Media and Internet Media.

2. “All in Print Cloud”  makes long-term business happen

The newly upgrade of «All in Print Cloud 3.0» will be open to all the exhibitors and visitors during the show. This 24/7 online display provide exhibitors with a trade platform to promote the products by live broadcast, and chat with buyers in real time.

3. Preferential policies offered to support exhibitors

Actively communicate with relevant authorities about the subsidy policy to help exhibitors reduce promotion costs.

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