Odour minimization in granulates and regrinds with the IR-FRESH® from Kreyenborg

KREYENBORG has developed sustained, high-level expertise in plastics recycling, with solutions for decontamination of PCR-PET, crystallization, drying, and heating of bulk materials, using infrared technology. Further development of this technology has brought to the fore its newest member among its products, the IR-FRESH® - a modular system for the safe and efficient reduction of unpleasant [...]

Kreyenborg introduces IR-FRESH for odour reduction

With KREYENBORG’s new technology, odor-contaminated post-consumer plastics get “second life”! A large amount of plastic waste from consumer-market packaging is generated daily. In order to obtain high-quality plastic recyclates from these material streams, and to be able to make them reusable for high-quality applications, odorous substances that have migrated into the material during the course [...]

Nuevos homogeneizadores de alta presión HLI de HST

La empresa HST Maschinenbau GmbH perteneciente desde 2014 al grupo Krones posee una larga experiencia en el desarrollo y la construcción de homogeneizadores de alta presión y bombas de pistón de alta presión. Esta tecnología complementa el portafolio de la ingeniería de procesos Krones con un proceso parcial importante de la producción de productos lácteos, [...]