Clean room packaging: sterile conditions for life-saving products

The pandemic has thrown into sharp relief the importance of cleanrooms in the manufacturing of medical products. Packaging companies have developed special solutions to meet these requirements.

In doctors’ surgeries, operating theatres or vaccination centres, syringes, ampoules, swabs and the like need to be quickly on hand and above all sterile. To ensure that in extreme situations, life-saving medical products reach their point of use in perfect condition, they are specially packaged. Even the packaging process itself takes place under specially protected conditions: in the cleanroom. Computer chips and other electric components or automotive parts are also packaged under cleanroom conditions, i.e., wherever air-borne particles could contaminate and damage the product. Air locks prevent particles from being carried into the working area. Standards have been developed to ensure that these processes take place under the same conditions all over the world. For example, cleanrooms are divided into various classes that determine how many particles per cubic metre of air the room may contain. In Germany, for example, the handling of consumables like packaging is governed by VDI Guideline 2083 Sheet 9.2. This means that even suppliers of packaging materials need to adhere to the most stringent standards.

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