Coating Applications tackles static on its production lines with Meech’s 915EX AC bars

Coating Applications tackles static on its production lines with Meech’s 915EX AC bars

Coating Applications has improved the safety and efficiency of its production lines with the installation of six Meech 915EX AC Ionising bars. Designed to extend the performance of Meech’s regular AC systems to classified hazardous environments, the 915EX plays a fundamental role in preventing static-related issues on the company’s coating and inspection lines.

Founded in 1981 in Lancashire, Coating Applications specialises in the manufacture of the very highest quality PVC and PU coated fabrics for a range of specialist sectors, such as protective work and safety wear, hot air balloon fabrics, performance tent fabrics and leisure inflatables.

“We operate from a modern factory that allows us to offer a fast, efficient delivery service and short lead times”. says Simon McLean, General Manager at Coating Applications. “Our research development and quality control facilities are situated under one roof to ensure the very highest standards. Because of this, we can ensure consistent high quality, while constantly monitoring and improving our production processes to deliver a service for the technical textile market that is second to none”.

He continues: “All our business and management practices have been independently tested to ensure that they conform to all relevant British, European and International standards. That means also carrying out regular risk assessments”.

One of these assessments revealed that a significant amount of static charges were generated on the fabric winds on the coating and inspection lines. As most of the materials Coating Applications works with are flammable, a static charge could unexpectedly generate sparks or even flare-ups, depending on the fabric in question.

It was at this point that Simon and his team made the decision to survey the market for an appropriate solution and after a thorough consultation opted for Meech’s 915EX ionising bar.

The Meech Model 915EX is particularly suited to coating, laminating, finishing and gravure printing applications. The bar provides effective ionisation at distances of up to 150mm, even at high fast web speeds, while its slim profile allows it the flexibility for installation in restricted areas. The inclusion of resistively coupled emitter pins make the bar shockless, therefore enhancing operator safety and allowing easy maintenance.

“We were won over by the bar’s features early on”, says Simon. “After consultation with the Meech team, we made the decision to invest in six 915EX systems – two on the inspection line and four on the coating line”.

With the bars now integrated into the production environment, Simon feels confident that Coating Applications is now fully equipped for pre-empting all static-related issues. “It was a smart strategic decision to look into a static control solution and we are very pleased with the bars’ performance,” he concludes. “We now feel like we’ve mitigated any chances of explosive situations, if you’ll pardon the pun!”.

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