Commitment to young professionals: KHS cooperates with TU Berlin

Commitment to young professionals: KHS cooperates with TU Berlin

KHS cooperates with TU Berlin. 09-01-2017The Technical University in Berlin is supplementing its laboratory facilities with the latest kegging technology from KHS. The new Innokeg AF1C1 for the semi-automatic processing of kegs (smaller barrels for the hospitality trade and industry), which was presented for the first time at this year’s BrauBeviale trade show, will give the university plenty of scope for application. At BrauBeviale Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Niemeyer, chairman of the KHS Executive Management Board, presented the system to Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank-Jürgen Methner, head of the Department of Brewing Science at the TU Berlin. The Innokeg prototype goes into operation on site next February.

“Universities and graduate schools train our up-and-coming young professionals. We’re thus very pleased to be cooperating more closely with the TU in Berlin”, says Thomas Matheyka, head of the KHS Keg Product Center. Jürgen Methner, who himself worked in the industry for over 17 years, has enjoyed close contacts with the filling specialists in Dortmund, Germany for many years. He recently appealed for help in equipping the new technology facilities at the Institute of Food Technology and Food Chemistry. KHS subsequently presented the institute with the modular Innokeg AF1C1 with one filling and washing element respectively and a cleaning tank. KHS also took care of the delivery, installation, commissioning and suitable training on the new system.

With the further developed version of the Innokeg KegBoy C2 for semi-automatic kegging, kegs made of both plastic and steel can be processed. Extra modules can also be added to the system. With the assistance of a new keg processor the TU can also precisely stipulate, record and analyze data from the filling and cleaning processes per remote control using a smartphone, tablet or PC. The Innokeg AF1C1 will be commissioned at the TU Berlin in the middle of February next year. The system will also be available on the market from this point forward.

For both education and research

The university is extremely pleased with the cooperation with KHS. “On the one hand our students will be trained on an ultramodern system and learn precisely how keg filling and washing function. On the other, with the help of this technology we can continue to push ahead with our research projects,” explains Methner. During their brewery and beverage technology course students will carry out filling and washing procedures on the system and test various quantities, media and cleaning cycles.

“Applying the experience gleaned on the academic side of things we can further develop the system for our customers”, says Matheyka.  This interplay of education, research and industrial application is therefore something which benefits all those involved. As a potential future employer KHS is also helping students to make initial contact with the industry. “Students are very welcome to gain experience at our plants at the start of their practical module and write their bachelor’s or master’s thesis at our company”, states Matheyka. At the moment several dozen students are working on their theses with the help of KHS.

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