Driving sustainability in pharmaceutical packaging: Innovators AMB, recyclable PET blister films

No one understands sustainable packaging, in particular PET films, better than AMB Spa. The company, headquartered in north-east Italy, has established a reputation as one of the leading international suppliers of sustainable solutions for rigid and flexible films and is internationally recognized as an innovator of mono PET solutions. This focus on sustainability is now leading the company to drive changes in pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging by manufacturing products that enhance recyclability and thereby close the loop of the circular economy.

The future of sustainability in blister films

Most pharmaceutical blister packaging is currently still composed of a multi-material mix that includes PVC. It is not recyclable and not suitable for the circular economy as it needs to be disposed of or incinerated. As a consequence, it creates unnecessary waste. AMB aims to change this. The company has created a mono PET solution for blister films that is designed to be recycled in the RIC (resin identification code) #1 stream. AMB, a world-leader in closing the loop, is creating rPET solutions from previously recycled sources to produce the new blister films. The new vinyl-free film provides high quality optical clarity and is ideal for blister packs for all forms of pharmaceutical, healthcare and other products: over the counter (OTC) and ethical pharmaceuticals, veterinary pharmaceuticals, food supplements, confectionary and more.

Recyclability meets performance

AMB delivers an innovative ‘all in one place’ approach that covers the complete packaging process: packaging design, prototyping, toolmaking, high-barrier rigid and flexible film production and printing. This extensive knowledge and practical know-how allows the company to develop packaging innovations with the customer in mind.  Thus, the new PET blister films are not only designed to be recyclable, they also fit with all current customer tools and equipment – there is no need for expensive retooling or costly line speed reductions.

At AMB you get the best of both worlds – sustainability and performance,” says Jamie Davies, Market & Communications Director of AMB. “We work closely with our customers; we listen to the needs of individual industry sectors. This has allowed us to develop pharmaceutical PET blister films that meet and exceed our customers’ sustainability goals.

The combination of sustainability and performance ensures that AMB customers can deliver environmentally friendly packaging solutions to industries and consumers who are increasingly concerned about waste management and safeguarding the planet.

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