Exclusive not-to-be-missed events from April 18th to 21st, 2016 at DJAZAGRO

Exclusive not-to-be-missed events from April 18th to 21st, 2016 at DJAZAGRO

Djazagro 04-03-2016

In 13 years, DJAZAGRO has grown to become today the place to be in Algeria for agro-food professional and food artisans. Thanks to a global offer from raw materials to finished products including bakery-pastry, food service, processes, packing and packaging, DJAZAGRO is willing to become the place to be on the African continent.

To fulfill its ambitions, DJAZAGRO renews its events every year, to offer you new rendez-vous, some of which already are unmissables.

The Bakery of the Future:
The Bakery of the Future was a great success in 2015. The visitors were able to look at a fully operational bread-baking oven within the exhibition, and to taste baguettes, special breads and pastries live made from local products. This automated Bakery is back in 2016, Hall 3 Bakery-Pastry area and the official sponsor is a syndicate: EKIP (Syndicat des Equipementiers du Goût). Under its aegis, 6 companies will lend one of their equipment for the 4 days of the exhibition : Diane Industries, Eurofours, JAC, PANEM, SOREMA and VMI.

Djazaïr Excellence by DJAZAGRO:
In the food service area, hall 3, the food artisans are not forgotten and they will even have the opportunity to attend a brand new competition, unique in Algeria.

Indeed, the competition Djazaïr Excellence by DJAZAGRO, organised for the first time in Algeria, will feature Chefs and Young Talents on the exhibition, for the finales of two events:

This competition is open to all schools and colleges approved by the Algerian ministry of training and vocational education. The winning team will benefit from a training thanks to our partner Valrhona.

The Professional contest is open to all Algerians working in Algeria or abroad. There are two categories: – Kitchen Chef: this category is open to professionals from the hotel and restaurant sector: cookery teachers, chefs, food artisans and restaurant owners, etc. – Pastry Chef: this category is for professionals from the bakery, pastry and cake sector, hotels and restaurants, pastry teachers, pastry chefs, party and cake artisans, etc.

The ambition of Djazaïr Excellence is to offer a unique space for culinary expression, creativity and knowledge-sharing, but also provide an opportunity to pay tribute to the wealth of Algerian gastronomic heritage. The competition also aims to build connections between the secular Algerian culinary history and modern gourmet creativity.

450 sqm of the exhibition will be dedicated to this promising adventure, and a prestigious judging panel will be present for this 1st edition:  – Algerian chefs with a strong international background, – The vice president of the Académie Culinaire de France, – Chefs with Michelin star distinctions, – MOF (Meilleurs ouvriers de France), Both organizers, the agency Vmedia and DJAZAGRO thank their partners for their support: Cevital, Aigle, Varlhona and De Buyer.

The Export Talk:
On the conference side, ALGEX, ANEXAL, CACI and CAGEX invite you to attend the “Export Talk”, AlMaachi room, on Tuesday 19th April 2016 at 10:00 am. Hosted by Mr Riad Beladi, from International Supermarket News magazine, the following themes will be covered :  – Public measure to support exportations by ALGEX – Export of agro-food products by ANEXAL – the involvement of the CACI in Promoting the Exportations, excluding Hydrocarbons by CACI – the credit insurance for export by CAGEX To end this conference, Mr Riad Beladi will talk about international export, and strategies to ensure a good market penetration in Europe.


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