First KHS/Schubert packaging block for Brauerei Schützengarten

First KHS/Schubert packaging block for Brauerei Schützengarten

KHS_Innokeg_AF1. 16-11-2016

KHS GmbH has now supplied a compact, multifunctional packaging block together with packaging manufacturer Gerhard Schubert GmbH for the first time. This will help Swiss brewery Schützengarten to meet the growing demand for its range of beers. The new system is chiefly distinguished by its great flexibility regarding different forms of packaging.

Brauerei Schützengarten is growing and with it the demands it makes of its packaging system. In the course of a recent and necessary new investment process the brewery opted for a new, innovative system concept by KHS and Schubert. Its entire packaging and palletizing section is also being modernized. This includes combined palletizing and depalletizing with automatic changeovers between returnable and non-returnable packaging and a new, fully automatic glass bulk depalletizer, among other features. At the same time the line is also to receive a fully automated crate magazine to buffer plastic crates. This additional automated process step increases line availability as surplus crates no longer have to be removed by hand during format changeovers.

Higher capacity in minimum space

Thanks to the appropriate packaging block supplied by KHS and Schubert the line capacity for non-returnables is practically doubled compared to the solution used so far – while taking up the minimum of space. In order to achieve this, the companies have blocked the KHS Innopack PPZ packer with a Schubert erecting and a Schubert closing module. Both companies have thus combined their many years of core expertise with proven machine technology to create one innovative system. “The joint package from KHS and Schubert had us convinced. The packaging block opens up many new opportunities for us. We’re now best equipped for the future and have established partners on board”, says Dr. Martin Ketterer, technical director and member of the management board at Schützengarten.

KHS_FRD2776. 16-11-2016

The brewery profits from numerous benefits with the new investment. For example, in the future its wrap-around cartons and plastic crates will be processed on one single machine block, with the space-saving system only requiring one operator. The block has also been designed so that no additional pack conveyors are needed. As a result the effort required for maintenance has also been reduced, as has energy consumption.

Thanks to its modular design the packaging block is extremely flexible regarding the range of products which can be processed. Retrofit expansions for additional types of packaging, such as cluster packs or baskets, can also be realized with little effort. It is even possible to convert the format on the Schubert modules for cartons while simultaneously producing plastic crates on the KHS packer. During format changeover Schützengarten does not need to make any manual fine adjustments to the system thanks to the precision engineering and resulting high level of reproducibility, thus considerably cutting down on conversion times.

Challenge successfully mastered during planning

As the new packaging block had to be installed on the first floor with a low ceiling, which was the designated space available on site, in the planning phase KHS made a virtual model of the production shop with the exact measurements using 3D scanning. The schedule from the start of work to commissioning was extremely tight so that the brewery could recommence production within a very short time indeed and thus remain able to supply. As a result, the process from the dismantling of the old system to the end of commissioning of the new one took just three weeks. In doing so Schubert and KHS met customer requirements to the latter’s utmost satisfaction in two-shift operation. “We’re extremely happy with our investment. With us KHS and Schubert have acted as a single unit and the new block has been running right from the start with no difficulties whatsoever”, says Ketterer.

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