France is the first stop of Cosmoprof 2020’s Rodadshow program

France is the first stop of Cosmoprof 2020’s Rodadshow program

The Cosmoprof international platform lands in Paris to meet the French beauty industry and face its needs

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, the leading B2B event for the beauty industry, lands in France to present what is new for the upcoming edition. Paris is the first destination of the roadshow promotional program for the exhibition, scheduled in Bologna from March 12 to 16.

The roadshow program by Cosmoprof, in collaboration with Cosmetica Italia – Personal Care Association, strengthens the role of the Cosmoprof format, which was established in Italy 53 years ago, as the reference event for the cosmetics sector. The initiative is supported by the Italian Ministry of Economic development and ITA – Italian Trade Agency, as part of the promotion of Made in Italy worldwide.

France is a strategic market for the beauty industry. According to the latest data by Febea – Féderation des Enterprises de la Beauté –, export of French cosmetics has grown by 12% and beauty is today the fourth largest economic sector for the country, with a total value of up to 45 billion euros. More than 3,200 cosmetic companies are based in France, involving over 246,000 professionals. France is a major exporter of beauty products in the world, the best performing segments being skincare and fragrances, the latter represented worldwide by Grasse district. This data underlines the importance of France as a reference point in understanding how the cosmetic industry is evolving in the world.

“Attending Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna provides the French industry strategic networking opportunities with companies and professionals coming from more than 150 countries”, says Gianpiero Calzolari, President of BolognaFiere Group. “At the same time, showcasing the excellence from the French beauty sector strengthens the position of Cosmoprof as a reference hub worldwide. It is therefore important to strengthen the collaboration between our exhibition and French associations and districts in order to work together for the growth of the sector”.

“After so many years working together with Cosmoprof, it is a pleasure for us to support this first event in Paris as part of the roadshow promotional program for the exhibition – says Roberto Luongo, General Director of ICE. – This initiative is part of the project proposed by the Italian Minister of Economic Development to help the growth of the most important Italian trade shows. Nowadays, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna has reached a strategic leadership worldwide. For this reason, ICE will attend once again the exhibition and for the next edition it will invite to Bologna more than 140 operators and journalists coming from all over the world”.

Together with the presence of French companies in singular booths, which can be foundacross all sectors, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna has hosted a French country pavilion for several years. Featuring French small and medium-sized companies, the pavilion is organized in collaboration with Business France, the agency promoting international market strategies beyond national borders. Business France occupies over 1,000 square meters across four pavilions, featuring everything from the supply chain to finished product.

For the next edition, COSMED, the association founded in 2000 to support French SMEs with national and European projects, will return to Bologna. COSMED gathers over 800 member companies, featuring not only brands, but also suppliers, manufacturers, and laboratory experts. Bretagne Commerce International will also be present, supporting Breton companies in their growth in foreign markets.

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna also collaborates with the most reputable French trend agencies to offer exclusive insights into the megatrends, technologies, and solutions of the future. The 53rd edition will answer the industry’s top questio ns : what will the world in 2030 look like? What are the challenges that will surface and how will the cosmetic industry address them?

Centdegrés, international design agency and one of Cosmoprof’s longstanding partners, will curate special areas to resemble technological gardens, which will offer an exclusive glimpse of the evolution of beauty in the next decade. On the show floor, a journey into the future will be showcased across five garden themes. “The Garden of Innovation” will offer an overview of the technology that will help the industry face the upcoming climate, social, and economic challenges. “The Garden of Colors and Materials” will present ideas for new high-tech and high-performance materials. “The Garden of Diversity” will focus on inclusive beauty. “The Garden of Trends” will present the trends of the near future. “The Garden of Fragrances” will deal with the transformation of fragrances.

The trend agency BEAUTYSTREAMS will bring to light the megatrends that will influence the evolution of international markets, with four thematic areas. To understand what the future will look like, it is necessary to understand what we have built up to now: “The Big Picture” proposes a look at the innovations that have characterized the latest decade. With “A Day inthe Life 2030,” attendees will be transported into the year 2030 to get a glimpse of everyday life. To have a preview of the products we will find on the market in the next 10 years, the area “Products of 2030” will be arranged with the collaboration of beauty start-ups. Lastly, a look at the color trends of 2030 with “Faces of the Future”.

NEZ Magazine, the international magazine dedicated to the world of fragrances, will turn its gaze to the next future, bringing to Bologna an innovative experience within the installation “Garden of Fragrances,” with fragrances of international brands being part of olfactory itineraries dedicated to 2030.

Quantis, an agency of sustainability experts, will participate in projects focusing on earth care and the reduction of pollution by the cosmetic industry.

Returning to Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna in 2020, Sparknews, a media agency that evaluates the best eco-friendly projects of beauty companies, will give visibility to the activities of select exhibiting companies, embracing sustainable policies and the values of circular economy.

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