German Packaging Award 2018 for sustainability goes to: FlexiClose(re)

German Packaging Award 2018 for sustainability goes to: FlexiClose(re)

Achieving a sustainable, circular economy with Schur Flexibles’ fully recyclable reclosure solution for MAP packaging
Winner of the German Packaging Award 2018

Schur Flexibles at FachPack 2018: boosting sustainability in packaging by recycling valuable resources and avoiding waste. FlexiClose(re), an innovative packaging concept by Schur Flexibles Group, will be presented at FachPack. FlexiClose(re) offers optimal product protection, consumer-friendly use, attractive optics and excellent recyclability. Used in combination with C-base PP bottom web, this state-of-the-art top film results in a fully recyclable reclosure solution with high barrier properties for MAP packaging. Due to these exceptional features FlexiClose(re) was awarded the German Packaging Award in the category sustainability.

Mastering technical challenges: a reclosable, polyolefin-based top film

FlexiClose(re) has outstanding environmental credentials due to the fact that it is a polyolefin-based film. Unlike comparable top films which are mostly manufactured from multilayer composite materials, FlexiClose(re) is sustainable and highly recyclable. The product’s structure simplifies the separation of materials during the sorting process at the MRF (materials recovery facility), thus enabling the recycling process. There are many recycling options available to polyolefin-based products, ensuring that a high-grade recyclate with excellent usability for subsequent packaging solutions is produced. With the development of FlexiClose(re) Schur Flexibles has pioneered a product that optimises sustainability and the circular economy. It allows producers to be one step ahead of all upcoming recycling legislation as well as providing high levels of protection and attractive optics for point-of-sale product presentation.

High performing and versatile

This innovative product also guarantees maximum performance. Utilising the company’s expertise and experience with PP packaging, Schur Flexibles has succeeded in applying the high standards required of modern packaging to polyolefin-based material.

The high-barrier FlexiClose(re) film offers exceptional machinability and smooth operation on all common packaging machines. It has outstanding sealing qualities and guarantees reliable packaging closure. The excellent mechanical qualities prevent tearing when this highly transparent and easily printable top film is removed. FlexiClose(re) Top is designed for multiple reclosures, thus providing consumers with excellent product protection after opening.

The importance of sustainability: adding to the FlexiClose range

FlexiClose(re), with its emphasis on sustainability, complements the FlexiClose range of modern reclosable films. The sealing and functional layers extruded in-house by Schur Flexibles can be tailored to perfectly fit customer requirements. FlexiClose(re) films provide an optimal solution for the food industry. They are not only ideal for cheeses and cold cuts of meat but also for dry foods, cereals, snacks or convenience products. In fact, they are ideal for any product that is not eaten after opening and needs to be resealed.

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