Marchesini Group at PCI Days 2021 to show print&check machine

Marchesini Group will be at PCI Days 2021, the Polish B2B trade fair dedicated to manufacturers, suppliers and businesses operating in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, which is to be held in Warsaw on the 8th and 9th September.

Marchesini Group will be showcasing at PCI Days 2021 the print&check machine with integrated checkweigher BL-A418 CW (stand B.14): this solution for Track and Trace requirements is developed by Neri, the division of the Group specialised in carton labelling and tracking machines.

The model exhibited, that can process up to 400 cartons per minute, has a load cell fully integrated into the stepper conveyance system. This solution is much more compact than both the classic one (where the weighing unit is coupled in-line) and the version of main competitors of the market, who offer solutions having weighing units with their own independent conveyance system.

Technical features

The cartons are fed and accumulated in-line on the inlet belt to ensure a continuous flow of products, even at high speeds. A timing device positions and sets the cartons apart correctly on the first stabilizing belt of the load cell and the vertical toothed belts with adjustable opening assure the pitch control of the carton during the weighing operation.

The function of the timing device is to set the cartons at the correct distance apart; its special feature is that it is synchronised with the speed of the whole conveyance system and there is no need for any size change-over adjustments.

A load cell is fully integrated into the stepper conveyance system and is able to check the weight of each carton. By integrating the load cell into the toothed belt system of the BL-A418 CW, it is able to verify the position of the cartons at all times: if the weight is correct, the product undergoes the subsequent processes (serialization and marking), then it is sent to the next machine; if on the other hand the weight is not correct, the subsequent process is skipped and the carton is rejected, according to the “Fail Safe” operating logic.

The operation to be performed after checking the weight of the cartons is the serialization; then, the unique 2D code (Datamatrix) and the corresponding human readable data are printed on the side flaps and sometimes on the upper panel. The unique code identifies and makes it possible to track each carton.

A dedicated camera(s) then verifies both the codes and the readable data.

During these phases, the use of the “Fail Safe” operating logic means that only “correct” cartons are sent to the machine downstream, while the others are identified and rejected.

The high level of flexibility of the BL-A418 CW means that all types of printing and vision systems available can be installed on it, which can be customised according to all the current standards worldwide. This special feature makes the BL-A418 CW the most suitable and complete machine for tracking, and serialising cartons, giving a unique identity to all the pharmaceutical products packaged.


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