Marchesini Group presents a monobloc machine for counting and capping plus a processing solution for the American market

Marchesini Group presents a monobloc machine at Pack Expo Las Vegas

Marchesini Group will be exhibiting at the Pack Expo Las Vegas trade fair (27-29 September) with the support of its American office, Marchesini Group USA, which was established in 1992 and has since become a well-known contact for the pharmaceutical, biotech and nutraceutical industries in the American, Canadian and Puerto Rican markets.

The Marchesini booth will be located in the Healthcare Packaging pavilion (booth SL 6535) with two new products on display: the Compact 24, a flexible and efficient counter, designed to meet the needs of the nutraceutical market, and the compact, versatile TURBO-MEK 1000, a turbo-emulsifier for processing liquid and cream products for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical markets.

The machines on display

To meet the new needs of the nutraceutical products market, Marchesini Group presents the Compact 24: a monobloc machine for filling and capping bottles for tablets, capsules or pills, produced by the Tonazzi-Vasquali division. This solution covers multiple operations with a single machine and ensures high levels of efficiency in counting and capping.

The innovative Compact 24 provides simple size changeovers, allowing extremely high standards of quality and performance to be maintained, even in the presence of various different products and small or medium-sized production batches.

To achieve this result, an innovative magnetic transport system is used to overcome the limitations generally found in traditional conveyance systems, allowing individualized handling of every single bottle.

The counting section consists of two heads each with 12 channels, equipped with our “twin flap” system which allows the machine to reach a speed of 150 bottles per minute.

The machine is designed to accommodate all the main capping systems (screw, press-on, crimp) and offers the widest possible range of applications to guarantee total control of the product to be packaged (control of weight, shape, size and color). The different types of control can be enabled all together or selectively, depending on the market, the product to be packaged and the ultimate requirements of the client. Based on the type of production, the machine can be fitted with operator protection systems (RABS) or product protection systems (Laminar Flow).

Also on display at Pack Expo will be a new version of the TURBO-MEK 1000 by Dumek, the Marchesini Group company specialized in the design and manufacture of machinery for processing cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

With 40 years’ experience under its belt and over 4,000 machines installed worldwide, the company now presents the US market with its latest, more compact, and highly versatile vacuum turbo-emulsifier for processing liquid and cream products.

The new TURBO-MEK 1000 has been designed and developed following hygiene and cleaning design guidelines, with a view to favoring energy savings and a more efficient use of water during wash cycles.

The machine features SMART TC, an intelligent system patented by Dumek which not only favors energy savings during the heating and cooling stages, but more precise control of processing stages too, ensuring greater repeatability. In addition, the presence of high efficiency sprayballs and a fully automatic CIP system allows optimization of wash water consumption.

The new turbo-emulsifier, featuring a touchscreen control panel designed to interface with mobile devices, makes use of the latest technology for monitoring and control of processing parameters. A large internal database also allows storage of production formulae or ‘recipes’. This new version can be easily integrated into a production environment with centralized management using MES/MOM type systems.

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