Navigator takes part in Graphispag with its “gKraft” packaging brand

The Navigator Company will again be present at Graphispag, the leading trade fair for the printing industry, held in Barcelona from 24 to 27 May, together with Hispack, the largest packaging trade fair in the Iberian Peninsula. The event will feature over 400 exhibitors and around 40,000 visitors are expected.

The Company will be there with its latest brand of packaging paper – gKraft – in the spotlight, in addition to the other leading brands of uncoated printing papers, Soporset and Inaset.

During the fair, which focuses on innovation, the graphic specialities will highlight the fastest growing areas (packaging, labels, the publishing world and retail), and present solutions for brands, standard setters, and other sectors with printing needs.

Through its participation, Navigator has strengthened its position in relation to developments and innovation in the paper sector, particularly in packaging and printing, by presenting solutions that result in a reduction in the use of fossil-based materials, as is the case with most plastics.

The fair is taking place at a particularly challenging time for the European paper markets: demand is growing significantly, supply is very limited, there are strong logistical constraints, and energy and raw material costs are spiralling. The situation has driven international prices of all types of paper to historic highs.

gKraft brings innovation to the packaging segment

Launched in November 2021, the gKraft brand of packaging paper is the latest solution, designed by Navigator, using renewable and biodegradable materials from the forest (“From Fossil to Forest”), namely from forestry plantations, to create a sustainable future. Forest-based producers are key to the transition from a linear, fossil-based economy to a sustainable, nature-friendly and climate-neutral circular bioeconomy.

In addition to providing lighter packaging with the same strength, this new range of packaging papers is also safer and more hygienic when in contact with the skin and with food, particularly in comparison to recycled papers. Moreover, it takes into account the specific needs of the market, with special attention to the food, catering, pharmaceutical, clothing and cosmetics sectors.

The use of short eucalyptus fibre in the packaging sector is a mark of the culture of innovation at Navigator, which takes advantage of the specific molecular structure and morphology of Eucalyptus globulus to develop resistant, sustainable paper materials for the food industry that are also safer and more hygienic.

Soporset and Inaset uncoated graphic papers set the lead

 In this segment, the Soporset brand, a European leader in the category of offset and pre-print papers, has accrued 30 years of market success, and is present in 80 countries. It offers a range of Premium Offset, Premium Pre-print and Premium Digital products, designed to guarantee not only the best performance in offset printing, but also in digital printers.

Equally, the Inaset brand, the first offset paper made from Eucalyptus globulus fibre, offers two product lines in its range: Inaset Plus Offset and Inaset Plus Laser. Recognised for its whiteness and rigidity, and as an excellent choice for turning graphics into true works of art, the basis of its appeal lies in the values of tradition, experience and trust, in connection with the art of printing.

The paper produced by the Company is sustainable, environmentally responsible and recyclable, and is obtained from a renewable natural resource planted specifically for this purpose.

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