New KHS pouch system for single-serve formats

New KHS pouch system for single-serve formats

• Horizontal form/fill/seal pouching machine for dry products
• Flexible system developed for popular single-serve formats
• Pouches of between 50 and 240 millimeters in height

The KHS Group is expanding its portfolio: with its Innopouch IM Focus the systems supplier now provides a horizontal form/fill/seal pouching machine specially for the packaging of dry products in single-serve formats. Operators of the cost-effective system with an output of up to 100 pouches a minute benefit from KHS’ many years of experience in the high-performance range.

KHS has specifically developed the Innopouch IM Focus to cater for the requirements of its clients as the rise in popularity of the single-serve format now also applies to pouches. Into these the new system reliably packages dry products, such as beverage mixes, food products and powder for pharmaceutical and agricultural use. “All the advantages of the well-known KHS Bartelt machines have gone into the development of this especially compact system,” explains Tom Brooker, senior product manager at KHS USA.

On the KHS Innopouch IM Focus operators can produce three- and four-sided and bottom side seam pouches. Formats range from 50 millimeters in width and 50 millimeters in height to widths and heights of up to 195 and 240 millimeters respectively. Depending on the content the machine forms and fills up to 100 pouches a minute.

In devising its new construction KHS paid particular attention to easy cleaning, resulting in considerable savings in both time and cost – especially when filling dry products. “With the Innopouch IM Focus we offer an effective, high-quality system for all single-serve variants to all companies, whether large or small, brand owner or co-packer,” states Brooker.

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