Optimize your logistics, minimize costs with Schoeller Allibert Magnum Optimun 1208

Optimize your logistics, minimize costs with Schoeller Allibert Magnum Optimun 1208

Schoeller Allibert’s new standard foldable large container (FLC) is designed for industrial logistics. The Magnum Optimum 1208 was created to meet the latest expectations of the market: optimized vehicle fill, maximised operator safety, reduced reverse logistics cost. With its low weight IoT-ready construction, ideal for automated handling and electronic tracking & tracing, Schoeller Allibert is introducing the new generation of FLC’s.

“The Magnum Optimum 1210 range has become the worldwide automotive industry’s preferred FLC within a few years. Anticipating the trends towards smaller European standard footprint, we are now offering the Magnum Optimum 1208, always keeping in mind Schoeller Allibert’s DNA: creating returnable, reparable and recyclable solutions for a sustainable growth”, stated Ludo Gielen, Schoeller Allibert Group’s CEO.

The new dimension for efficient industrial logistics

The Magnum Optimum 1208 offers an outstanding performance with a 720kg unit load and a stack load of 3200kg for high density parts storage. With the highest folding ratio on the market, the Magnum Optimum 1208 is a new-generation FLC making logistics efficient and fuel consumption reduced. Up to 99 erected, and up to 363 folded Magnum Optimum 1208 can be loaded in a mega trailer offering up to 30% space saving over competing FLCs and metal grid boxes.

Practical and easy-to-clean

The MO makes logistics practical with safety-pins for straps, location to secure textile and soft dividers. Thanks to its versatile modular system, the Magnum Optimum 1208’s height and volume can be increased with an Optiframe spacer allowing safe storage of dunnage on return trips.

Its welded double wall sturdy structure increases internal volume and ensures compatibility with robotized handling of internal trays and dunnage. Its drainage holes protect from retaining water if stored outside, its smooth walls and internal base are easy-to-clean and minimize cost of washing and drying.

Customisable, Repairable, Reusable

The Magnum Optimum 1208 offers many identification options such as recessed zones for bar code labels on all sides and large inserts for customer logo for an easy identification of the fleet. The ID plate on base indicates height and handling instructions to enable efficient tracking and fleet management. Recesses and pockets in skids are included for RFID labels or IOT devices, allowing a 100% accurate and individual management.

The Magnum Optimum 1208 is reusable and sustainable: with a minimized number of parts that can all be easily replaced, maintenance costs are reduced and life span increased. After its long service life, the Magnum Optimum 1208 can be fully recycled further lowering its carbon footprint.

Labour saving

The Magnum Optimum 1208 is operator friendly and saves labour. The non-sequential folding system and its unique side-walls locking while erecting, enable one operator to handle it. The large self-locking drop doors on front and side combines easy operator access while maintaining the panel strength. Fork tine guides on base, strong three skids base and anti-slip plugs reinforce safety and speed handling.


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