PRINT4ALL 2018: sales campaign launched and already doing well

PRINT4ALL 2018: sales campaign launched and already doing well

PRINT4ALL. logo_p4a_CMYK. 10-01-2017There may be more than a year to go until it opens its doors, but there is already buzz and expectation around Print4All, the brand new event dedicated to all technologies for commercial, publishing and industrial printing which is on between 29 May and 1 June 2018 at Fiera Milano. The project has already gained backing from major supply chain players, and is continuing to go from strength to strength as new players sign up because they are keen to cater optimally to this dynamic market and have the right tools to compete internationally.

Print4All builds on and reinterprets the heritage of three historic brands – Grafitalia, Converflex and Inprinting – by launching a groundbreaking format for building relationships and integrating the different business communities of commercial printing, converting, package printing, labelling and industrial printing, in what is a major coming together conceived to infuse new energy into a rapidly-evolving market.

Ambitious as the project may be, companies and trade associations have long looked forward to such a development, and the reactions were immediate. Some main enterprises in the industry, including Cerutti Packaging Equipment, Goebel Ims Deltamatic, Grafikontrol, Omet, Petratto, and the Uteco Group, have already expressed their appreciation of the initiative and backed the idea of making Print4All the benchmark event for Europe and the Mediterranean basin.

Giuseppe Garri, Exhibition Manager for the Event, says, “Print4All responds to a specific market need: the lack of an opportunity to come together, not just as individual sectors but as an entire supply chain in order to offer opportunities for developing new synergies and business relations. The event responds to this requirement in two different ways. On one hand, aware of the importance of coming together as a system, it has created a major event and an umbrella brand for examples of excellence in the different sectors of printing and converting. On the other, the fact that the event is part of ‘The Innovation Alliance’ strategically highlights the role printing plays within the entire industrial production process. The event will without doubt be an opportunity to fully leverage capacity for high-level innovation, creating new business opportunities and attracting players from all over the globe”.

Print4All has become a reality thanks to input from multiple stakeholders who have brought their expertise and content to the project. The event was conceived by ACIMGA and ARGI, respectively Italian and international manufacturers of printing and conversion machinery, the 4IT Group, an Italian company that has been monitoring Graphics and Communications Industry markets for more than ten years, developing skill sets to foster industry growth, along with Fiera Milano, which is offering its acknowledged know-how in staging fair-related events. Print4All has expanded further still thanks to the backing of important promoters Assocarta, Assografici, Istituto Italiano dell’Imballaggio and Atif, offering further proof of the project’s perceived value not just for manufacturers but throughout the entire supply chain.

Interest is increasing around the event as more and more of the major players in the sector focus their attention on the fair and the sales campaign goes into top gear. Forward-looking companies keen on seizing new opportunities for growth that book now benefit from special deals. Anyone who registers for Print4All before 15 January gets a special rate. But do not fear: up until 15 June, registrants after this date will still benefit from a discount.

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