THE COSMOPACK WALL 2017 The 24 finalists have been announced

THE COSMOPACK WALL 2017 The 24 finalists have been announced

Cosmopack, the B2B international event for the beauty supply chain, will be held in Bologna – Italy from 16 to 19 March 2017. Raw materials, formulation, machinery and packaging: the best of the cosmetics industry and of the technological production will meet in Bologna to present for the first time their innovation and their latest industrial solutions.

Among the most interesting initiatives for 2017, The Cosmopack Wall Award, celebrating this year its 4th edition: a special event for Italian and international companies representing the excellence of the sector, with the most innovative projects, research and packaging solutions which will define the future of the beauty supply chain. More than 100 projects have been presented from exhibitors at Cosmopack. All the projects were characterized by high quality and high level contents, and among them 24 finalists have been selected thanks to their ability to follow the new concept defined by Beautystreams, international trend agency and strategic partner for the initiative. The theme for the 2017 edition is “Let’s get emotional…urban poetry”: how the emotions arisen by an original packaging, by a special texture of a product or by a fragrance influence the purchase process.

A jury of international selected managers and experts of the beauty industry selected the finalists:

Annick BEATRISINI, Director – Innovation & Research, COSNOVA GmbH – Germania
Sam CHEOW, Chief Product Accelerator, L’Oréal USA (USA) • Vittoria FILIPPI GABARDI, Beauty Journalist per Vogue Italy, Condé Nast – Italia
Britta FLECK, President & Managing Director, Glossybox – Stati Uniti d’America
Seungchuel KIM, Marketing Headquarters, Managing Director, TonyMoly – Corea del Sud
Stefano LAVORINI, Editor in Chief, Italia Imballaggio – Italia
Elie PAPIERNIK, Managing Director, Centdegrés – Francia
Eunyoung SHIN, Marketing Director, Clio Cosmetics – Corea del Sud
Kilala TILAAR, Deputy Marketing Director, Martha Tilaar Group – Indonesia
Lan VU, CEO/Founder, Beautystreams – Stati Uniti d’America

The jury selected 24 projects which will be exposed in the THE WALL SHOWCASE, at the Gallery between pavilions 15 and 18. The awards ceremony will be on Friday, March 17th, at 5.30 pm in pavilion 19, Cosmotalks room.

The finalists of the 2017 edition are:

Company name: GOTHA COSMETICS Position/Booth: PAD 15/ G18-H17
BI-METALLIC EYES & FACE COLOR VEIL Bi-Metallic Eyes & Face Color Veil. A lightweight cream with holographic finish, so comfortable that it can be used all over.

Company name: ICC
Position/Booth: PAD 15/ G6-H5
SILVER MOON NAIL SERUM Innovative nail serum with transformative properties: liquid in the bottle, jelly on your nails. It also contains special ingredients, never used in nail products before, that purify and remineralize your nails.

Company name: INTERCOS GROUP Position/Booth: PAD 15/C10-D9
FILTER FACTOR FUTURE CUSHION FOUNDATION Silky matte color in a futuristic cushion refines the complexion with instant blurring coverage. This fluid texture perfects skin with the thinnest matte veil.

Company name: MASCARA PLUS COSMETICS Position/Booth: PAD 18/ C38-D37
DREAM2REAL MASCARA The perfect combination of two different formulas, mascara and lash primer, into one incredible new product. The two different bulks are kept separated into mascara bottle, while they get mixed once applied on eyelashes.

Company name: REGI
Position/Booth: PAD 15/ G14-H13
LIGHT BEAUTY JELLY ITP02 Rich of powerful anti-oxidants and skin caring ingredients, the BEUTY JELLY FORMULATIONS go far beyond the usual and provide high sensorial skin feelings together with a nice and natural make-up result.


Company name: COSMEI
Position/Booth: PAD 15/ B21
STARSCRAPER It’s a patented twist-grinder with a cylindric shape transforming the product texture into another one, for better and more performing application.
Company name: INTERCOS GROUP
Position/Booth: PAD 15/ C10/D9
MANI MAGIC POLISH PEN This specially formulated polish is high coverage and high shine, requiring neither a base nor a top coat for an instantly perfect manicure.


Position/Booth: PAD 18/C64-D61
TRANSFORMING EYESHADOW – KAJAL Multifunctional and innovative packaging for different combinations of eye make-up, suitable also for lip make-up.


Company name: OMNICOS GROUP
Position/Booth: PAD 15/B13 2
HOLD MAGIC WAND A single product with a double use: skin Fitness foundation in one side and highlighter with holographic pearls on the other.




Company name: CHROMAVIS
Position/Booth: PAD 18/ F38; G4-H3
NEW VISION EYES & LIPS PALETTE / NEW VISION EYES & FACE PALETTE Externally you have a baked pearly texture with a sublime silky and velvety touch that create an incredible second skin effect for a long-lasting performance. Inside there is a creamy hot poured lipstick.

Company name: EUROVETROCAP
Position/Booth: PAD 18/F28
DIGITAL PERFUME CITY A 3d painting composed by a series of glass bottles varnished with different colours which evoke the urban contest. Among all bottles stands out a glass perfume bottle with an iridescent surface.

Position/Booth: PAD 18/E22-F21 HOLOGRAPHIC
PRINTED PACKAGING This is an exclusive an unique decoration, 3D effect make-up packaging. The effect will be shown best in the lights of a display.

Company name: GEKA GMBH
Position/Booth: PAD 15/D14-E13
BOTTLE-IN-BOTTLE MARBLE MASCARA The bottle-in-bottle marble mascara is a mascara that consists of two bottles for a high quality heavy wall effect. The outer bottle features a unique marble effect consisting of three colours of “urban poetry” as well as a cap metallized in shiny silver. The brush creates seductive volume for the lashes.

Company name: LUMSON
Position/Booth: PAD 15/C14-D13
REVOLVE The technique consists in a sort of inner “label” that is placed between the packaging and the airless pouch of the Airless bottles.


Position/Booth: PAD 15/D19
EXTRUDED POWDER A hybrid formulation which can be developed pearly and extra-pearly, obtained through the extrusion process: this technology combines the malleability of pressed powders and the sensoriality of paste powders.


Position/Booth: PAD 18/D32-E13
LINK is an innovative overcap which has an interlocking system which allows one to create different colors and product combinations from two, three, to four or more solutions.


Position/Booth: PAD 15/F6-G5
TWINSTED® Packaging that combines lipstick and eyeshadow. The top of the packaging has a rechargeable part with an eyeshadow on it and mirror as well. The lower part of the packaging contain the lipstick.
Company name: REGI
Position/Booth: PAD 15/G14-H13
LIGHT INFINITY CP100 Inspired by geometrical designs (new generation origami), the Light Infinity could be a symbol of the soft cyber-woman. Light reflection combined with digital pastel shades represents the modern expression of the femininity.



Company name: CRB / INTERCOS GROUP
Position/Booth: PAD 15/ C10-D9
INSTANT RADIANCE BEAUTY CREAM An unique transformation from a mousse to powder texture, through a fresh watery phase during the application. A true and perfect « Ready for Make-Up » formula with « 0 play time ».
Position/Booth: PAD 18/ F34
SLEEPING METALLIC MASK The Sleeping Metallic Mask is an extraordinary and unique facial mask, enriched with detox actives, nutrient and anti-aging ingredients to contrast the signs of ageing and restore youthful radiance to the skin.
Company name: O-PAC P
osition/Booth: PAD 18/ C24
24H URBAN KIT IN WIPES The Urban Kit consists of two wipes in twin-sachet with two different and complementary functions.





Position/Booth: PAD 20/C58
CHANGING PRINTING & MIRACLE VISION FLASH PRINTING These two revolutionary printing processes allow dynamic and dramatic effects to be created. With Changing Printing, two different design patterns are printed simultaneously. The design visible changes depending on the angle of view.
Company name: ALBEA
Position/Booth: PAD 15/ A9
TEARDROP The TearDrop™ tube is a resistant, on-the-go and lightweight yet selective looking, dropby-drop dispensing system for tubes.
Company name: KARZA
Position/Booth: PAD 15A/ A2-B1K
HELIUM An innovative airless dispenser with a light packaging for hygiene & cosmetics formulas. Helium is the combination of an airless dispenser and a pouch, to fully protect the hygienic and cosmetic formulas.


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