Wine Labeling: a growing, changing market

Wine Labeling: a growing, changing market

AWAreness™ Report  — Global Wine Label Market 2020 is the latest edition in AWA Alexander Watson Associates’ timely updates on this increasingly-changing marketplace for labeling and packaging.

Today, the supermarket shelf represents the prime source of wines for consumer purchase and while, globally, the choice of packaging for wines remains focused on glass bottles, there is also increasing evidence of the use of PET bottles and flexible packaging pouches – particularly for ‘on the go’ consumer consumption.

Wine packaging is indeed a highly-active field of endeavor today, and this is creating real opportunities for label print, since the label is a prime contributor to high-visibility supermarket shelf appeal. Short-run label print – a long-time requirement for wine labeling – is benefitting significantly from today’s digital technologies. While glue-applied labels and sleeve labeling are forecast by AWA to grow to a small degree in the medium term, pressure-sensitive label formats continue to capture market share, and are expected to continue to grow annually at 2.9% — more than the forecast growth of the market itself – 2.4% in the medium term.

AWA’s latest research documents the changes that are redefining the profile of labeling within this major global end-user market in every respect, for all involved in the entire supply chain. Full details of the AWAreness Report — Global Wine Label Market 2020 can be found on the AWA Alexander Watson Associates website, where it is also possible to order the report online.

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