“THE INNOVATION ALLIANCE”: presenting the system exhibitions at Fiera Milano

“THE INNOVATION ALLIANCE”: presenting the system exhibitions at Fiera Milano


Ipack Ima 2018 29-03-2016

Five exhibitions showcasing five capital goods sectors will be the focus of a new event held from May 29 to June 1 2018 at Fiera Milano.

“The Innovation Alliance” is a format combining different production sectors sharing the same strong supply-chain principle – from processing to packaging, from plastic processing to industrial and commercial printing, from graphic customization of packages and labels to handling and warehousing of consumption-ready goods.

The combined offer of this technology, concentrated in a single large-scale global event at Fiera Milano, stands out for its ability to innovate, wide-ranging product offer and unparalleled flexibility in engineering complex systems and industrial chains. These qualities make Italian manufacturers of industrial machinery among the best in the world.

“This is the first stepping stone in the new strategy announced by Fiera Milano: creating large-scale industry events providing a global showcase for top-notch Italian productions and more. The realization of this project shows that, when trade associations from interrelated sectors and a leading exhibition organizer join forces, Italy can be the venue of international exhibitions that are perfectly capable of standing up to those held in competing countries” – says Fiera Milano CEO Corrado Peraboni.

Ipack Ima 2018 Corrado Peraboni CEO Fiera Milano 29-03-2016

“Such a perfectly integrated exhibition offer – continues Peraboni – will benefit each individual part of the project and bring to Milan a larger percentage of those international visitors which are the actual target companies want to reach and which it is Fiera Milano’s responsibility to ensure. ‘The Innovation Alliance’ marks a profitable collaboration with the Associations that accepted the challenge of cooperation in the interest of their members, and confirms the strategic alliance with Hannover, a sound, reliable partner on some of the most important global markets”.

The goal of “The Innovation Alliance” is to leverage this huge wealth of knowledge and innovation – which, considering machinery manufacturing alone, is an industry worth € 19.1 billion in Italy – through a project designed to multiply contact and development opportunities, providing visitors with a wide-ranging, integrated offer thanks to an all-comprehensive, rich and stimulating showcase. The event will involve four leading exhibitions in the respective sectors, already well positioned in the international event market, plus a new show at its debut.

The co-located events include:
-Ipack-Ima, the exhibition for processing and packaging technology, organized by Ipack Ima Srl owned by Ucima (the Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association) and Fiera Milano;
-Meat-Tech, dedicated to processing and packaging for the meat industry, organized by Ipack Ima Srl;
-Plast, showcasing technology for the plastics and rubber industry and organized by Promaplast Srl, a service company 100% controlled by ASSOCOMAPLAST (Italian Plastics and Rubber Processing Machinery and Moulds Manufacturers’ Association). Initially scheduled in 2017, the exhibition has been moved to be included in the project;
-Print4All, a debuting exhibition dedicated to printing, converting and industrial printing; it takes up and renews the legacy of Converflex, Grafitalia and Inprinting. Organized by Fiera Milano, it is owned by ACIMGA (Italian Manufacturers’ Association of Machinery for the Graphic, Converting and Paper Industry) and ARGI (the Graphic Industry Suppliers Association);
-Intralogistica Italia, dedicated to the most innovative solutions and integrated systems for material handling, warehouse management, storage and picking, part of the international network CeMAT and organized by Deutsche Messe and Ipack Ima Srl.

The project draws strength from the competence and sheer value of the players it involves. The synergy generated by the five exhibitions combines the long-standing experience of each organizing company and integrates the expertise of two among Europe’s leading exhibition organizers, Fiera Milano and Deutsche Messe, as well as that of the main trade associations. The project leaders include three associations part of Federmacchine – ACIMGA (Italian Manufacturers’ Association of Machinery for the Graphic, Converting and Paper Industry), ASSOCOMAPLAST (Italian Plastics and Rubber Processing Machinery and Moulds Manufacturers’ Association) and UCIMA (representing packaging machinery manufacturers) – as well as ARGI (the Graphic Industry Suppliers Association).

In sum, “The Innovation Alliance” will be a not-to-miss opportunity to find technologies for production sectors that are interconnected through a supply chain as well as business logic, all in one place. Suffice it to say that about 50% of packages are made of plastic (containers, bottles, film, shoppers, protective packages), or that the printing industry generates 25% of revenues from packaging, which rises to 50% of the total business volume if we consider converting and pre-print. In this synergy, logistics acts as a crucial linchpin to finalize production strategies and optimize distribution strategies along the entire production chain.

The integrated exhibition offer will provide industry players with an interesting opportunity to establish contacts with companies in related sectors: in particular, it will play a strategically valuable role for foreign buyers, who will find the exhaustiveness of the offer showcased by the exhibitions even more instrumental to their needs.

Two and a half years from its debut, “The Innovation Alliance” is already set to be a date of crucial interest not just for the industries it represents but for the entire Italian economic system, which will find in this project new impulse and a new model to relaunch interrelated sectors and identify new strategies to give them increased value on the global market.