President Maurizio Marchesini assumes the role of CEO of Marchesini Group and presents the excellent results for 2023artifici

Following Pietro Cassani’s decision to step down as CEO of Marchesini Group and pursue other professional paths, starting from July 12th, the role and functions of CEO will be taken over by President Maurizio Marchesini.

The Marchesini family and the Group’s entire management team express their gratitude to Pietro Cassani for the significant work carried out during these eight years of fruitful collaboration. During this time, Marchesini Group has strengthened its presence in the international market despite the pandemic and a complex global geopolitical situation marked by increasing instability.

The consolidated financial statement for 2023, approved by the shareholders’ assembly, highlights a revenue and income increase reaching 600 million euros, representing growth of +15% compared to the previous fiscal year.

Thanks to strategies pursued by the Group, the revenue increase translated into higher profit margins, both in absolute value and as a percentage, aided by a more favourable revenue mix. Specifically, EBITDA increased from 113.4 to 137.0 million euros (+21%). Net profit reached 70.6 million euros, showing a +17.6% increase compared to 2022. Net equity, amounting to 592 million euros (a 61 million increase), and the positive net financial position of 44 million euros underscore the Marchesini Group’s financial solidity. In recent months, the Group has opened new branches in South America and Asia, further enhancing its presence in over 116 countries worldwide.

Production remains entirely in Italy, with expansions underway at facilities in Tuscany, Lombardy, and Emilia-Romagna.

As CEO, President Maurizio Marchesini, with the valuable support of the Board of Directors and nearly 3000 Group collaborators, will lead the company through the industry’s upcoming challenges. “We will continue to invest in technological innovation and internationalisation,” emphasises President Maurizio Marchesini, “and currently 87% of our revenue comes from exports. We look to the future with enthusiasm, guided by the values that have always distinguished us, rooted in a deep connection to the land where it all began fifty years ago.

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