The 500th aseptic Krones filler and the 200th product UHT in one line

From preform sterilisation to dispensing the sealed PET bottles – for the latest generation of the Contipure AseptBloc (CAB), Krones paid attention to an end-to-end process chain that is aseptically safe down to the smallest detail. An overall concept that has already proven its worth in the past and has won over customers all over the world: “Since the market launch of the updated Contipure AseptBloc around one and a half years ago, more than forty CAB could be sold already. This is a significant proof of the convincing safety and sustainability arguments in the updated solution. So next to the milestone of 500 systems sold based on the full PET Aseptic Portfolio by Krones, we feel the acceptance and appreciation of this very latest Krones solution across the globe,” says Paul Schoenheit, Head of Sales Aseptic Technology.

The Brazilian beverage producer Natural One has also opted for the Contipure AseptBloc – and that’s a reason to celebrate: the 500th aseptic filler sold by Krones is integrated in the sterile block solution.

Nature as inspiration

Inspired by the diversity of Brazilian nature, Natural One has specialised in using fresh fruit and vegetables to produce juices in fifteen varieties. Natural One now exports its products from Brazil to around eleven countries. In order to meet the growing demand, the company is now expanding its bottling capacities – and is relying on state-of-the-art technology and expertise from Krones. The Contipure AseptBloc is now part of a new, already third Krones line at Natural One.

«Having already covered the continents of America, Europe, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region with our juice products, we now want to reach these regions with our plant-based milk alternatives and CSD products as well, and we decided in favour of the Contipure AseptBloc not only because of its technological advantages. The cooperation over the past few years was also decisive. Krones has proven time and again that we have a reliable and trustworthy partner at our side in the company. We are delighted to be commissioning the 500th machine from Krones’ aseptic portfolio,» says owner and founder of Natural One Ricardo Ermírio de Moraes.

The Contipure AseptBloc is also impressive in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability: it works with minimal water and energy consumption – thanks to state-of-the-art technology, it is even possible to recycle the sterile blown air. A unique feature in the Aseptic Preform sterilisation context. The system can be cleaned and sterilised in less than two and a half hours, meaning it is ready for use again in no time at all. Aseptic filling is guaranteed at all times, as the Contipure AseptBloc sterilises the preforms with gaseous hydrogen peroxide. This process sterilises the entire preform surface – inside, outside and in the neck area – and guarantees maximum safety for the filled product. This not only reduces costs, but also the CO2 footprint.

Two anniversaries at the same time

But that’s not all, because there’s a second anniversary: the VarioAsept D, which is also on order, is the 200th UHT line sold by Krones. «For this line, Natural One opted for the VarioAsept D from Krones, which is characterised in particular by its great flexibility: Juices, still products and CSDs as well as plant-based milk alternatives can be processed on it. Especially for the latter product group, the VarioAsept D has a module for direct heating. Natural One can also look forward to a première: the company is our first customer on the American continent to use this solution,» explains Stefan Höller, Head of Product Management Processing Units.

The direct heating module is able to heat the product to the required temperature within a very short time and cool it down again just as quickly after the heat retention time. This technology is therefore ideal for products with high quality requirements.

Time-saving and flexible

The new line provides Natural One with more flexibility in filling in several respects. Just as the UHT system covers a wide range of products, the Contipure AseptBloc can also process a variety of bottle formats. With the optional robot, the format changeover is seamless and requires no manual intervention. This saves more time and production can be restarted quickly.

With these innovative solutions, Krones supports its customers in achieving both their efficiency and sustainability goals,” adds Paul Schoenheit.

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